BARISTA Courses Brisbane Capalaba Certified Barista Training Course

Barista Courses

Here at A Class of Barista we run two different courses: a 3 hours Basic Barista course and a 5 hour Complete Barista course.

Basic Barista course

We go through the basic coffee making theory and techniques with our students and allow them to finetune their skills on our machines. This course will run for 3 hours and cost $99.

Complete Barista course

This course will go into more deapth about the theory and the different coffee making thechniques. The students will get more time on the machines to practise and refine their skills. This course will run for 5 hours and at successfull completion of this course you will receive a RTO cetrificate, the cost for this course is $220.

For more info and to book call us on 

07 3245 7002